2 hour LIVE Interactive Content Class  

with Michelle Adams The Cloud Gate Director & Visionary Acupuncturist & Naturopathic Nutritionist  

Learn the foundations of the Five Elements which is the basis of all existence, and integrative ways in which to implement the wisdom to enhance your mental, emotional and physical state.  


 In this course, we will be uncovering...

The Five Elements  

 Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood

The emotions associated within each element  

The organs associated within each element  

The physical and energetic functions and interactions between the emotions and the organs within and between the elements  

How imbalance within the elements can manifest physical illness within the elemental organs as well as mental, emotional and spiritual disruption  

The Five ‘Spirits’

What if you COULD EMBODY your physical being fully?

What if you COULD EMPOWER yourself by realising the strength in your emotions rather than weakness?

How would it FEEL to get a grip of the body mind?  


What you will walk away with from this class:

  • Learn about your inner ecology
  • Enhance and positively impact your day to day life with your newly gained knowledge
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how our emotional and physical bodies align
  • Develop insight into how our emotions interact with the physical body causing possible deficiency or fullness
  • Realise the sacred connection between our internal seasons and the earth we inhabit 
  • Gain insight into possible patterns of illness, both physical and mental that you may experience, and how they may manifest through our inner cycles.
  • Understand emotions that maybe stagnating your growth


  Are YOU ready to Embody The Elements ?  

Only £44  

2 Hour LIVE Online Content  

Life Long Access to Recording  

SUNDAY 10th November 2019




MICHELLE ADAMS Acupuncture & Naturopathic Nutrition  

Michelle is the Director and Visionary of The Cloud Gate. She is a clinically experienced practitioner of naturopathic nutrition, Traditional Chinese and Five Element Acupuncture with formal studies at Kingston University and The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine. She believes that the human body is capable of great self-healing when the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies are aligned. Through her dedicated practice, she awakens this capability through her patients by not only supporting them with the application of treatment but providing them with a framework that supports the whole person, allowing the body and its subtle bodies to align into balance. Michelle also works with the internal seasons within a person, to aid communication between the internal organs, physical ailments and the emotions. Able to support physical ailment and injury, alongside emotional and mental disorder. Michelle uses an integrated technique of acupuncture and nutrition to guide her patients back to health and vitality.  



About The Cloud Gate 

Located at The Woods Studios on London City Island. The Cloud Gate is a space to explore the limitless possibilities of the body and its subtle bodies healing capacity. Named after an acupuncture point on the lung meridian, The Cloud gate has the ability to lift a patient, supporting the reconnection with focus, direction and the beauty of the world. Sometimes all we require is a little clarity through the clouds. The Cloud Gate is created around therapies that are enhanced by our senses. The senses are a gateway to healing, a means of rebalance through the gifts we receive from them when the intention is to support health. Our therapists are not only experienced in their practice, but experienced in creating a bespoke, professional environment for our clientele to explore the realms of healing, relaxation and bliss within a beautiful space, with exquisite service.

The therpaies we offer:  

  •  Acupuncture - Traditional Chinese & Five Element
  •  Chinese Medicine 
  •  Massage (a variety)
  •  Reiki 
  •  Shamanic Healing 
  • Wellbeing & Life Coaching
  • Naturopathy
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Womb Work
  • Psychotherapy


Reviews From Our Community 

"I have recommended Michelle to so many people and here is why.  

Michelle was able to diagnose which organs in my body required healing after many many years of Western Medicine failing to do so. I always feel so relaxed after a treatment with her no matter what low state emotions I have when entering the clinic.  

You get way more than just an acupuncture treatment with Michelle. She also provides nutrition advice that has been so helpful. She cares, follows up and has taught me so much about my body & &ycle in such a short space of time. Thank you!"

- Hanna Riaz, July 2019

"I had a wonderful acupuncture session with Michelle and felt fully relaxed and deeply grounded afterwards.Just so what I needed after having been crazy busy.I highly recommend her.She has so much knowledge and insight and has given me many practical ways on how to move forward. Thank you Michelle"

- Sjoukje Gummels, September 2019

"Michelle is fantastic, very professional and knowledgable. I had the acupuncture and cupping treatment which have both made a positive difference to my condition. The atmosphere is very relaxing and inviting, highly recommend"

- Nouman Chaudhary, September 2019

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